All for Smoke-Free!

February 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

I just wanted to express my opinion on the possible campus smoking ban. I am ALL for this! As an Auburn student, I get so frustrated having to hold my breath multiple times while walking from one class to another or from class to my car. I am also allergic to cigarette smoke, even just the smell of it gives me some breathing problems. It would be so nice not to have to worry about this walking to my classes. Even just making people move a certain distance away from the building would help. It is extremely frustrating walking out of a building and having to walk through a cloud of smoke because someone is standing right outside the door. I am a Human Sciences major and experience this issue everyday when walking in and out of Spidle Hall. People stand right outside one of the entrances to the building and smoke. As a result, everytime someone opens the door to come in or go out, the smoke/smell enters the building. I think that providing a program to smokers to hel pthem quit is a great idea. Second hand smoke is so dangerous and it would be so nice to be able to walk around on our beautiful campus without having to worry about it.

Thank you,
-AU Student


§ One Response to All for Smoke-Free!

  • Ross says:

    First off there is already a rule in inplace. You cannot smoke with in fifteen feet if a building door. Second, your telling me your so allergic to smoke, that even when a person is smoking outside in tge open air, where the smoke instantly disperses, it effects you? So, I’m guessing you can’t actually go in doors anywhere that smoking is allowed or else you are in immense danger. Meaning you are the only college kid that has never been in any establishment that serves alcohol or has an age limit to enter? That is a rough way to live.

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