For Smoke Free

March 22, 2011 § 3 Comments

Hi, Eric,

I enjoyed your presentation at the staff council meeting yesterday.

As an AU employee with asthma, I would personally appreciate a
smoke-free campus. (I work off campus and would like to see the policy
in effect here, as well.)

Buffer zones and designated smoking areas don’t address the fact that
smoke can stay on a person’s clothing and hair and trail behind the
smoker into the workplace. I think many smokers don’t notice this and
may not realize that even this can be a problem for others. I would
think that banning smoking from the campus environment would be the only
practical way to protect those who don’t wish to be involuntarily
subjected to other people’s smoke.

Thank you for your work on this initiative.

-AU Employee


§ 3 Responses to For Smoke Free

  • Patrick says:

    Does anyone know whether (and if so, when) the minutes of the aforementioned staff council meeting might be posted? Is there a website or brochure somewhere? I’d like to remain as up-to-date as possible on this movement.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Grant says:

    I do not smoke, but I value my liberties and those of my fellow students. As citizens of the United States, the great state of Alabama, and as Auburn Students, our God given rights to consume as we please are not to be tampered with by any kind of government or public entity. The idea that one may be disallowed to smoke, outside, on public land, land he is paying to be on, belonging to the state of his residence, is absolutely despicable. Such a preposition is the worst example of modern collectivism and should not be tolerated by anyone valuing, to any extent, his personal freedom.

  • Ross says:

    I think this is rediculous and an outrage. I’m not a smoker, but it is wrong to take away some ones right to smoke where they please. Also, smoke does not stick to cloths, only the smell does, meaning people aren’t bringing smoke into the workplace, only the smell. Last I checked, smells aren’t harmful in any way. Also, why would some one that does not even go on campus want\get a voice in the matter, when they aren’t affected by this what so ever. Time and resources should be better spent on something less trivial than smoking. I don’t like when people drink coffee and get coffee breath, and many times coffee drinkers are un aware of the smell. Do we ban coffee next? I don’t smoke, nor do I agree with it, but I will fight to the end for some one’s right to smoke where they please.

    -AU Student/Paying Customer

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